Announce: gnome-socket library 0.0.4

* Description

gnome-socket is a little library for implementing asyncronous I/O on inet
sockets and asynchronous dns lookup in GNOME. The latter is done via
the GNU adns library (which is under GNU GPL).

* What it's new

General cleanup.
Simplified API (uses only one callback now).
Fixed some callbacks problems in order to workaround a known gnome_dns
problem (namely, it can call the callback before returning: this creates
an annoying special case).
Now it should be possible to call gnome_socket_close from any callback
without confusing the library.
Added gnome_net_address abstraction.

* License

The license is LGPL.
If you want to use the library but can't use GNU adns, compile with
--with-gpl-adns=no and the dns lookups will be performed via the standard
gnome_dns provided with gnome-libs (please note that this will fork() a
resolver). Remember to call gnome_dns_init() in that case.

* Status

Alpha: moreover, this version wasn't tested too much.
UDP support still not present.

Docs & examples still missing. I must write a draft some day...

* Location

Happy hacking,

(Good night. I'm a little tired..zzzz...)

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