Re: gnome_canvas_item_rotate not working ?

I had the same problem, it doesn't seem to be implemented yet. 
But you can accomplish rotation using the (very nifty) affine 
transform stuff from libart_lgpl,
  GnomeCanvasItem *my_item;
  double degres;
  double rotate[6];
  art_affine_rotate(rotate, degrees);  
  gnome_canvas_item_affine_absolute(my_item, affine);


On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Peter Falk wrote:

> HI !
> i always get an undefined reference to "gnome_canvas_item rotate" when
> itry to compile my source.
> I found this function in the documentation and in the headerfile but not
> in the c-file of the gnome-lib-tarball. 
> I also use "gnome_canvas_item_move" which is in the same headerfile and
> it works.
> i compiled the source with the "gnome-config --libs --cflags gnome
> gnomeui"
> command.
> Has anybody ever tried gnome_canvas_item_rotate and did it work ?
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