Re: Re2: An Idea...

NotZed wrote:

>  - some way to queue the print job.  Using lp?  lpr?  I'm not sure
>    what the plans are here ...  It would make some sense to use
>    the native print system, but well, lp sux to talk to from a
>    program.

I think  there should be a central repository of printer destination
names and the command line needed to send a printout to the printer.

for example

Stockroom-Printer: lp -Pstock %f
Fax-System: quick_fax --enclosure %f
SVR4-printer: rsh nanook lp -d icechip -f 1_ply -T PS -onobanner

Please don't invoke lp or lpr directly or expect the poor user
to type in a command line.

>  Michael


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