Re: Re2: An Idea...

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 03:45:20PM +0000, Sergey Zhumatiy wrote:
>   The second: I have HP ColorLaserJet 5. Without PS module. And
> my boss wont buy it (it is not our printer). Using GS I can only
> print grayscale pictures in 300 dpi. Is it good? While this
> printer can print color pictures with at least 600 dpi, I thik
> this result is _not so good_.


 If you print on 600dpi PCL printer with 300dpi resolution using ghostscript
you deserved it. POINT.


>  The third: application must let user to set any printing options,
>  ...

> By simple query application can know: 1. Which printers can be used
> for printing ....  2. Which paper can be used on every printer ...
> 3. Special options of every printer ...  4. May be even load of
> every printer...                            ( ever tried lpq? )

 gnome-print module is on gnome CVS -- everything is in your hands!
(BTW it can not print with koi8-r T1 fonts without some stupid patch
 -- has to be fixed in a nice way)

> I think, that application must be able to know
> about special features if drivers of printers such as formats of
> input data. If driver can print gifs or jpegs or (I think its
> important!)
 If you did not setupt yor system to be able to use
 "lpr file.[gif|ps|tiff|jpeg|dvi|pdf|..." it is yor problem.

Sorry for not being too nice,

 All the best "teska",

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