Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome

>  Next thing, add Sawmill or another fully compliant that wants to be 
> fully compliant to gnome CVS, and make it/them the official gnome 
> window managers.

	Hear, hear!  (or is it, "Here, here"?)  Add to your list a window
manager (WM) default configuration consistent with Gnome.  I'm sick of
having my Netscape status bar (along with the lower 5 centimeters of the
web page) hidden behind the Panel when I maximize it.

	Or having minimized icons appear behind the Panel.  Or having two
pagers.  Or not being able to access "File" menus because the WM captures
the ALT key.  Or having two "background" images set, with two places to
set it (but with only one showing up).  Or having two task bars.  Or
having overlapping panel/wharf things.  Or having a root menu
that looks completely different from every other menu on my desktop.  Or
having icons with conflicting drag/right-click/double-click behaviour.

>  Add them and I will erase E from my disk.

	Me too.  Translucent moves are the most impressive...

>  Btw, anyone has looked at recent E's pager. It is a nice idea that 
> could be implemented in the panel. Or is it too hard?

	Are you referring to that miniature "zoom" feature?  That rocks.


P.S.> If anyone can point me to the history/meaning of the exclamation
"Hear, hear" (or is it "here, here"?) please send me the URL.

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