Re: LibGTop 1.1.4 "Earthquake" (Developer's Snapshot) has been released

Martin Baulig wrote:

> Hmm ... looking at support/gnomesupport.awk this seems to happen when it
> fails to detect <dirent.h>:

Which lives in /usr/include...

> Hmm, maybe it's --without-gnome which is broken here - do you get the same
> problems when you use it without --without-gnome (but this means that you
> need at least ORBit, imlib and gnome-libs/support ...) ?

No, it started compiling and died on gcc-isms in sysdeps/names/proclist.c.
However, libgtop needs some 64-bit code on 64-bit Solaris and there's
no way to get 64-bit ORBit, for a start.

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