Re: IMPORTANT: to all HEAD gnome-core/applets users/hackers

George <> writes:

> This only applies to users that use gnome-core HEAD (or may have installed
> gnome-core 1.1.0 at one point in which case you should do the following when
> you upgrade to a new 1.1.x snapshot when it comes out)
> OK, due to the fact that I wanted for 1.0 and HEAD applets to work together
> in any panel I did the following.
> Change the soname of the applet-widget ( back to 0.0.1.
> It is binary compatible, but it was raised because new applets tended to
> freeze the old panels.  So now it's back down.
> Also the gnome-panel.idl and applet-widget library were changed inside (no
> API changes!) so that you can't use the slightly older library with the new
> panel.
> OK, so what do you need to do:
> delete any <prefix>/lib/*
> update to the newest version of CVS panel (I dunno when the change will
> propagate to all the anoncvs mirrors) then do "make clean", "make" and "make
> install" for gnome-core,
> OK, what does the change buy us:
> 1) if you have any 1.0 applets installed they will automatically load the
> HEAD libpanel_applet and work correctly with the HEAD applet
> 2) if you have the HEAD applets installed and run 1.0 panel, they will work
> (at least to an extent that 1.0 allows)
> The only thing that won't work right is that if an applet loads the 1.0
> libpanel_applet and runs on a HEAD panel, it won't save correctly, but if
> that happens you got some messed up installation I guess.

Why don't we use libtool's `-release 1.1' mechanism here ?

This way, we'll get a `*.*' and (for the `-dev' package)
a ` ->*.*' link.

It'll also allow you to have both 1.0 and 1.1 applets installed.

Martin Baulig - -

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