IMPORTANT: to all HEAD gnome-core/applets users/hackers

This only applies to users that use gnome-core HEAD (or may have installed
gnome-core 1.1.0 at one point in which case you should do the following when
you upgrade to a new 1.1.x snapshot when it comes out)

OK, due to the fact that I wanted for 1.0 and HEAD applets to work together
in any panel I did the following.

Change the soname of the applet-widget ( back to 0.0.1.
It is binary compatible, but it was raised because new applets tended to
freeze the old panels.  So now it's back down.

Also the gnome-panel.idl and applet-widget library were changed inside (no
API changes!) so that you can't use the slightly older library with the new

OK, so what do you need to do:

delete any <prefix>/lib/*

update to the newest version of CVS panel (I dunno when the change will
propagate to all the anoncvs mirrors) then do "make clean", "make" and "make
install" for gnome-core,

OK, what does the change buy us:

1) if you have any 1.0 applets installed they will automatically load the
HEAD libpanel_applet and work correctly with the HEAD applet
2) if you have the HEAD applets installed and run 1.0 panel, they will work
(at least to an extent that 1.0 allows)

The only thing that won't work right is that if an applet loads the 1.0
libpanel_applet and runs on a HEAD panel, it won't save correctly, but if
that happens you got some messed up installation I guess.


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