Re: An Idea... [ gnome-print ]

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:
> > Be sure to look at CUPS for this, it has an API for getting all the
> > printer capabilities via standard mechanisms (internet printer
> > protocol, ppd files, I don't know all the details).
> gnome-print and CUPS address two different problems, and it was my
> intention to provide a CUPS backend for gnome-print in the future.

Right but you need to pass the same set of capabilities through the
gnome-print API to the app. i.e. you don't want to lose info in the
translation or have an annoying-to-translate difference in expressible

> Lack of time has stopped me from doing this.  CUPS also tries to have
> an imaging system by using ghostscript, we would just bypass this one
> and use the spooling features of it.

Right it's gross the way they have a hacked fork of ghostscript, and
plus CUPS doesn't come with any drivers (only one), since the company
intends to make cash by selling them.


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