Re: An Idea... [ gnome-print ]

> > Next we will investigate printer drivers for the other types
> > of printers (PCL, Epson ESC/P2 ESC/P1 etc).  gnome-print
> > already has a rasteriser for the data, we only need to add
> > a configuration mechanism and the data translations required
> > for colour printing (CMYK etc).
> > 
> Be sure to look at CUPS for this, it has an API for getting all the
> printer capabilities via standard mechanisms (internet printer
> protocol, ppd files, I don't know all the details).

gnome-print and CUPS address two different problems, and it was my
intention to provide a CUPS backend for gnome-print in the future.

Lack of time has stopped me from doing this.  CUPS also tries to have
an imaging system by using ghostscript, we would just bypass this one
and use the spooling features of it.


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