Re: libcanvas_pixbuf and

> Taking a look through the gdk-pixbuf sources (trying to build evolution
> up and I get a link error for a dependency on
> gnome_canvas_pixbuf_get_type) I see that all of the gnome canvas
> functions get put into libcanvas_pixbuf, however, this library never
> gets stuck into the gdk-pixbuf libraries variable so the * script
> doesn't know about them.  Now, I guess the real question is if this is a
> bug, or if I'm doing something wrong in my build and install.  
> The sources are right out of cvs.  I can give any other information that
> might be helpful.

Federico just checked a fix that solves this problem.  You need to

	gnome-config --libs gnomecanvaspixbuf


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