Recently used list

Michael ROGERS <> writes: 
> OK, good. Would it be possible to maintain a list of recently modified files
> within gnome-libs, with accessor functions like gnome_recent_files_add_entry,
> gnome_recent_files_get_list etc, and with duplicate checking etc handled by 
> Gnome? I guess we don't need every file modified by mv, cp -R etc to appear 
> on the list, so we don't need to worry about gnome-aware shell tools. Are 
> there security issues I'm overlooking?

The simple file-containing-a-list-of-recently-used approach is
implemented in GNOME 1.0 in libgnome/gnome-history.h. A more elaborate
GConf-based approach is implemented in gnome-libs HEAD,
libgnomeui/gnome-recently-used.h (but this isn't actually in the
library yet).


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