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To tell you the truth, I was going to answer you but didn't know how 
to translate pygtk commands to C-gtk commands.

I just found out how to do it today!

For Pygtk users, it is:

Say your top-level window is caled win like in:
win = GtkWindow(), or GnomeApp()

You have to do:


Where attr is any attribute of the window.

For general documentation, there is Havoc's book and there is the 
excellent in the pygtk-docs.

I think you might be able to translate those to C statements....

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On 1/17/00, 11:26:12 PM, Greg Suing <> wrote regarding 
Re: size:

> Why do questions such as this _never_ get answered on this list?

> It's difficult to get started with Gnome programming due to minimal
> documentation.  Answers to questions like these help new programmers
> get started.  When they aren't answered, it's very discouraging.

> I asked the same question several weeks ago - with no response.

> Here's what I use to get the size of my main window... it seems to
> work:

> GtkWidget *app;
> int w, h;

> ...

> w = GTK_WIDGET(GNOME_APP(app)->contents)->allocation.width;
> h = GTK_WIDGET(GNOME_APP(app)->contents)->allocation.height;

> Greg Suing

> Martin Oberzalek wrote:
> >
> > How can I get the current size of a widget?
> >
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> > 2 Pi || ! 2 Pi <- == ?
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