Re: size

Greg Suing <> writes:
> Why do questions such as this _never_ get answered on this list?

This is the kind of question that's been answered two dozen times - so
the 25th and 26th time no one feels like it. :-( Nonetheless like most
FAQs it is not a stupid question, just a question that everyone find
themselves asking.
> It's difficult to get started with Gnome programming due to minimal
> documentation.  Answers to questions like these help new programmers
> get started.  When they aren't answered, it's very discouraging.

Indeed, documentation is important. In particular I wish our FAQ had
more stuff in it.

Anyway, widget->allocation is a good way to get the current size of a
widget. It does depend on your toplevel window already being mapped
though. If you want to "track" the size of a widget then connect to
size_allocate and update some variables whenever the size changes.


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