Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, George wrote:

> I mean if it doesn't show a file you opened when logged in from remote, or if
> it can't open a file on a cdrom if that cdrom isn't there with a "File not
> found".  Oh well, that's not a huge problem.  I think the user will figure
> out what's going wrong.  (It could perhaps do a strstr(path,"cdrom") and if
> so say "Perhaps you forgot to insert a CDROM")
> George

I think you last idea is a good one. And if after mounting the drive
(not a read-only fs such as a CD but then we have the ability to
recognize the cd by its id) the file has disappeared, just display a
dialog box.

Well. I have a couple of ideas coming in my head and I have to think
about them before submitting them to the list...


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