Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome

On 18 Jan, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
| > > One problem with the whole recently-used-files thing is that 
| > > we don't assume the user uses GNOME from only one machine, so there
| > > are multiple file namespaces. I'm not sure what to do about that at
| > 
| > Well with vfs, this should take care of itself really.
| Not really.  Even if you have the hostname, that does not mean you
| will have a way of accessing the files remotely.  

This should be a user- and/or site-defined policy.  For example, here I
can access an on-campus host's files via encrypted FTP... or if it's in
AFS I can access it as if it were a local file.

So here's what you do:  hand file://(?!localhost)([^/]+)/ off to a
script.  The GNOME default script would either fail gracefully or
attempt FTP, etc. (or maybe even attempt AFS and NFS if /afs and/or /net
mountpoints exist); site administrators could then customize it to do
the appropriate thing, which could involve FTP, scp, magic, whatever.

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