Re: .gnorba file extra parameters?

> I've got an application with several CORBA servers implementing the same
> IDL interface. And I've a got a .gnorba file listing all these servers.
> What I need is to store some per-server information, that is, there is a
> configuration shared lib for each server.
> My question is, is it possible to add extra lines in the .gnorba file
> for each server, that is,

There are two possible ways of handling this:

      1. Create an external file that binds the GOAD ID with this
         shared library you want:

	 <thingie goadid="gda-odbc" config="">

      2. A hack.

	 Create a non-existant GOADID to represent the shared library:

description=Gnome Datasource Access for ODBC

description=Configuration shared library for gda-odbc

          Note that this entry is not supposed to be loaded with
          Gnorba, you will just use the information from the gnorba
          routines to find out what shared library you are interested
          in loading.

Also, keep in mind that you want the *base* shared library name, as
the actual full name of the shlib is operating system dependant, so
you want to store something like: "gda-odb-config", and have the
g_module code return you ""

Best wishes

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