Re: Gnome Status and Future.

Although I mainly read the GTK list, (because the GNOME list is too much for me),
this kind of "Status and Future" for the general public is a very good thing, and I
thank very much Miguel for spending his time on this ( by the way: a lot of luck
with Maths, Miguel :-))

One second thing. I know that all Gnome Developers (like GTK ones) are very busy,
but I think that a plan file for each hacker could be a very good thing.
Something like where every hacker could put
what is in his mind for the gnome future. I don't say that the hackers have to write
long explanations, only about 10-20 lines of text every month (or half-month). That
way, before a change/improvement in the API arrives, everyone is advised on what
could happen. And before the hacker makes the change on the API, he could also take
into account the advises that the general public makes to him. That way "bad moves"
could be repaired or reoriented in the APIs, before anybody writes any piece of
code( I mean, communicating to the general public the intentions before, and not
after writing the code).

How does this sound?
I think this is not a very bad idea.

Best wishes...

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