Re: gnome-terminal patch

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>   1. Setting the title of the terminal can be done with an escape
>      sequence.  Just like with any other terminal application.

This assumes the user is comfortable with the concept of 'escape
sequences' and with shell scripting. If I said 'escape sequences' to any
of the non-technical users at work, they'd probably assume I was talking
about what to do in an emergency!

When I have loads of terminals open, and I want to change the title of a
window to reflect what you are doing with that window, I just want to
'click, click' (or use a keyboard shortcut), and amend the title. I
don't want to have to open up a shell and look up that escape sequence I
saw somewhere.

Also, rather than your task manager showing ten ambiguous
'GnomeTerminals', it could show more short-term titles, such as
'Building New Kernel', 'Writing spec file for...', 'Watching logs
on...', 'Running backup on...' or whatever. You'd be able to click
straight on the one you want to return to without having to bring them
up one-by-one until you find it.

>   2. If we are going to support a GUI way of setting the terminal
>      name, then it needs to go in the properties, so that the setting
>      can be kept across sessions.

I'd rather have a customisable 'default terminal title' property in the
properties, _and_ have the ability to change the title on-the-fly to
reflect what I'm doing in that particular window.

*Please* reconsider rejecting this patch. Although I haven't tried it, I
was thinking of writing a similar patch and submitting it for inclusion.
Maybe there are others out there that would like this feature too (let
us know!).

BTW, would anyone else find a 'capture to file/printer' feature useful?
In another terminal emulator I use, I can start a capture, do some work,
stop the capture, and save it to a file or printer. I find this useful
for capturing a history of work I do on a particular customer's machine.



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