Re: gnome-terminal patch

Ross Golder <> writes:

> If I said 'escape sequences' to any of the non-technical users at
> work, they'd probably assume I was talking about what to do in an
> emergency!

Give them a shell script.

> When I have loads of terminals open, and I want to change the title of a
> window to reflect what you are doing with that window, I just want to
> 'click, click' (or use a keyboard shortcut), and amend the title. I
> don't want to have to open up a shell and look up that escape sequence I
> saw somewhere.

Give yourself a shell script.  See below.

settitle Hi there!

> BTW, would anyone else find a 'capture to file/printer' feature useful?

I wouldn't, but it might be useful to support the VT100 printing

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