Re: Mailing lists

Rodrigo Moya Piernavieja <> writes:

> first of all, sorry for disturbing you with this, but I don't know who I
> must contact for this.
> The problem is that I am receiving mails from several people having
> problems with the gnome-db-list (, and I've
> realized that in the gnome site, all lists have their archives for
> January-2000, but gnome-db-list does not.
> So, please, could the person responsible for this get in contact with me
> (or the gnome-db-list) to see what is happening.


just had a look at the archives and fixed them (for some reason the index.shtml
file was broken, but the mail was archived normally). If you have any more
problems, please let me know.

Martin Baulig - -

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