Menu key and menu

When the new gnome-core-1.1.2 (and also in gnome-core-1.1.1), when I hit
the `Windows' key to bring up the GNOME menu, it appears, but is then
immediately covered again by whatever window I had focused before that
(this is with Sawmill 0.23, btw, although the problem existed with 0.22
as well).  If I set the delay-to-focus paramter to 100 milliseconds (it
doesn't work with 0, or anything else under 100), then the menu stays
focused.  I would think there is some kidn of race between the windows
getting focus based on the mouse pointer maybe? (I have click-to-focus
option set).  Is this a sawmill problem or a GNOME problem?  If it's
sawmill, I'm e-mail John Harper about it.

Sean Middleditch

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