Re: "wait for" patch for gnome-session

On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, Tom Tromey wrote:
: I think there are two issues:
: 1. Having a waitfor property that does what you say
: 2. Exposing this property to the user via the control-center
: The first is an implementation technique.  It probably makes sense as
: a solution for the general problem of acquiring passwords at login
: time.


: The second is a UI issue.  I don't have a strong opinion.  Are there
: other cases where this option would be useful?  If not, I'd say leave
: it out and let it be up to the individual programs to request it.

Hrm. The approach I was taking with the session-manual clients is that
these are programs we either can't hack or don't want to hack. Otherwise
we'd put in real session management and get them out of session-manual
altogether, right? So, maybe both approaches have merit. Programs with
real session management can request waitfor if they want it,
session-manual clients get it (optionally) imposed on them, just like
priority is now.

Are there other types of apps which could benefit from waitfor? I'm not
sure. Anyone else? Anyone?

      - A

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