Re: Problem creating a gtk widget

On Sat, 1 Jul 2000, Jan Dittberner wrote:

> I want to write a new widget for an application I'm working on,
> I inherited GtkFrame, everything compiles without warnings, but
> if I want to run the application I get:

GtkType gmtv_audiopanel_get_type(void){
  static GtkType audiopanel_type = 0;

    static const GtkTypeInfo audiopanel_info = {
      (GtkClassInitFunc) gmtv_audiopanel_class_init,
      (GtkObjectInitFunc) gmtv_audiopanel_init,
      /* reserved 1 */ NULL,
      /* reserved 2 */ NULL,
      (GtkClassInitFunc) NULL,

audiopanel_type = gtk_type_unique(gtk_widget_get_type(), &audiopanel_info);
Here should be gtk_frame_get_type () -+


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