Re: gnome-session

Richard Tibbetts <tibbetts@MIT.EDU> writes:

> The problem with a complete rewrite (or even a near complete rewrite)
> is that I am working on gsm as part of an somewhat understaffed
> project to get GNOME working in the Athena environment. gsm is just
> one of the things causing trouble for us, and we have a target
> completion date of August 1. At this point I don't have time to take
> on a complete rewrite of gsm.

I can understand that. (Actually, what I was suggesting was far
from a complete rewrite - it probably wouldn't involve changing
more than 20% of the code. But it is a significant amount of
new code.)
> I spent yesterday hacking in the ability to turn session management
> off and only use the unmanaged programs list. Apart from a bunch of
> newly exposed bygs in other stuff, it is done. This is probably all I
> am going to do for now, as it is enough to get us through usability
> testing. If you are interested in this patch let me know, otherwise we
> will keep it local.

To me, that sounds like a local patch. Session management is
used in quite a few places in GNOME. I don't think we want
to try and deal with all the interactions of removing session
management in the official version of GNOME.


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