Re: Python Update Program

Karl Eichwalder wrote:

> Sean Thomas Middleditch <> writes:
> > The actual installation is up to the user, but the next release
> > I make (which should be as soon as I get the package type list expanded
> > a bit more) will include an example script I wrote that updates package
> > automatically.
> Maybe, you should try to merge xrpm (Python, using tkinter), gnorpm, and
> rpmfind :)

I don't want RPM specifics... I'd prefer something as package independent as
possible.  Plus I don't want any dependencies on any programs besides those
the system will have for sure (Like RedHat/Mandrake/Caldera/SuSE hacing RPM,
or Debian having apt, etc.).  The update program isn't only for gnome.
 Although I may make a specialized version with a GTK/GNOME GUI later on
specifically for upgrading GNOME, a bit like the Helix CODE Updater, but
much more stable and usable for people who don't like Helix GNOME.

Sean Middleditch

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