HELP !!!!!


I know this is an offtopic, but I am desprate... If you can help me
please send me a private email and tell me how.... !!! Thanks... Ok here
is the problem !!!

I am using Mandrake 7.0 and GNOME that follows it... today I was going
to compile a program (SCREAM HTML Editor) and it told me to update
gnome-libs ... So I downloaded the latest version of them and compiled
them. It compiled ok so I did a "make install" and BAM and gnome crashes
and takes me back to the login window... I login as usual but now I lost
icon, applets, panel, sounds... ect !!! After looking around a bit I
noticed that the new version of gnome-libs have changed the path to
/usr/local/share ... and my share is really /usr/share ... so because I
wanted access to the panels and stuff I copied all contents of
/usr/share to /usr/local/share ... This gave me back my icons, and
menus, but not the applets .... plus I think it is a really bad idea to
have two copies of share ... but this it the only reason I am able to
send this mail... So ... does anyone know how to set back the path to
the correct one? or do anyone have an idea of what I can do ... I have
no idea where linux and gnome sets it's path's so I can tell gnome the
real place of all it's files ... How I found out the path was wrong was
by looking at preferences for the panel and all the paths was wrong !!!
and I bet that the applet's are pointing on /usr/local/bin instead of
/usr/bin !!! and ect ect !!

It would  be very kind if someone could help me and be a really
lifesaver !!!
Thanks for you trouble !! and again ... I am very sorry to put this in
this mailing list, Hope you all understand !!!

org:Alien Software Development
title:System Programmer
adr;quoted-printable:;;Korsbyggevägen 6;=C5by;;616 34;Sweden
fn:Magnus Wirström

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