Re: Python Update Program

Ali Abdin wrote:

> > By non-RPM specific, I meant I don't want to build any kind of RPM code into
> > the program.  If anything, I'd prefer an option like 'install-program' that
> > could be set to 'rpm -U' for example, and 'check-package' which could be set
> > to 'rpm -q'.  I'd like to make this non-built-in so that a simple config
> > option would allow users of any Linux (or even UNIX) system to upgrade files.
> Thats all fine and great - but I think there needs to be a way to
> 'uninstall' packages (from tarballs). Sometimes there is no 'make
> uninstall' (and due to certain bugs somewhere (gettext?) make uninstall
> often nukes /usr/share/gettext/src).
> Anyway - a good idea is to look at the 'install-watch' program - it
> records each and every file installed so you can go ahead and remove a
> package later. (this is from a 'plain' make install)

OK.  I'm modularizing my program (no update forthcoming soon like said), and I'm
only gonna do an RPM and tarball/RPM (tarballs with .spec files) package type
modules.  Plain tarballs are a long term project for me.... ~,^

Maybe a better idea than putting that functionality into my program, is to make an
"install-tarball" program that deals specifically with tarballs.  Then my program
could just use that for installing tarballs (yeah, I said screw the no dependencies
for my prog idea).  I'll let someone else do that though... ~,^

Sean Middleditch

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