Re: C++ for gnome/gtk++ writes:
> Ideally I'd prefer to use C++ wrappers for these and 
> generate C++ from glade.
> Are there good reasons for sticking with C? ie do the C++ wrappers lag behind
> or other good reasons?

Gtk-- is pretty synced up to GTK 1.2. The main reason not to use it
would probably be that you like C more, or that you don't want the
extra overhead (which isn't that much, but for an embedded system or
something you might care).
> Presumably, one needs to download both the GTK+ and Gnome C++ libs.
> I find a link on the gtk site, but where is info on Gnome C++ wrapper and
> setting up for glade C++ output.

With Glade, I would recommend libglade instead of outputing code. But
if you want to output code, I know there's a C++ code generator, look
on the glade page ( I think).


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