Re: chubbiness reduction


Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> I know many people have expressed dismay that gtk and gnome apps are
> so chubby (wasted space).
> One reason is that the "xthickness" and "ythickness" fields in
> GtkStyle are 2, which means all bevels and such are 2 pixels. Some
> themes use a 1-pixel bevel, but the bevel still takes up 2 pixels of
> space, because while in theory you can change xthickness and
> ythickness from a theme engine, in practice if you do that a bunch of
> widgets get screwed up.

I was just investigating the XenoThin-engine code and this engine uses a
"xthickness" and "ythickness" of 1. The code was modified, so noone gets
screwed. This engine is the only one, I know, that is thin in all 3
dimensions. I once tried this with other theme engines and this indeed
screwed up some widgets.

> So, a useful project would be to hack your copy of GTK (preferably the
> HEAD version) so that in gtkstyle.c xthickness and ythickness default
> to 1. Then make testgtk work again with this setting.

What about writing a theme engine with xthickness and ythickness of 0.
2d-look may have a come back, and we would be ready for this. It also
could increase the speed a bit.


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