Re: GnomeCanvasText subclassing to allow word wrapping

> I am in desperate need of a GnomeCanvasItem that allows for long text to display which involves word wrapping as a minimum feature.
> As far as I can see, GnomeCanvasText cannot wrap words; GnomeIconTextItem can wrap words but always forces to center the text it displays.
> Are there any plans to extend GnomeCanvasText to provide word wrapping, or, alternatively, to extend GnomeIconTextItem to provide setting of the text justification? If neither is a choice for whatever reason, has anyone subclassed GnomeCanvasText for his own application?

We have been working on a canvas port of the new gtktext widget that is
going into GTK 2.0 for Achtung. Since we don't want Achtung to depend on
GTK 1.3 quite yet, we've temporarily forked it, and it is in the
tktext-port module. I don't think it does word wrapping quite yet (and the
zooming is pretty hackish right now), but we'd appreciate that work be
done on that module rather than creating a billion text canvas items. It's
our hope that we can get this canvas item into gnome-libs 2.0, but time
constraints has prevented us from working on it as much as we'd like. 

Like GtkText, the item is rich-text. if you only need a fixed
font/color/size item, you might want to look at EText from Evolution.

If you want to help on this, please email me or join the Achtung mailing
list at


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