GnomeCanvasText subclassing to allow word wrapping

I am in desperate need of a GnomeCanvasItem that allows for long text to display which involves word wrapping as a minimum feature.
As far as I can see, GnomeCanvasText cannot wrap words; GnomeIconTextItem can wrap words but always forces to center the text it displays.
Are there any plans to extend GnomeCanvasText to provide word wrapping, or, alternatively, to extend GnomeIconTextItem to provide setting of the text justification? If neither is a choice for whatever reason, has anyone subclassed GnomeCanvasText for his own application?

If the answer to all of the above is 'no' I'd just subclass GnomeCanvasText for my own needs. In this case I'd appreciate notification whether such a CanvasItem would be needed in libgnomeui; if so, I would try to keep closely to existing CanvasItem implementations and avoid tailoring it too closely for my applications needs.

Thanks for your response


PS to make clear why I need such an item, you might want to look at this screenshot:

Looking at the right half of the window you'll see that I need a dedicated CanvasItem to display help texts; GtkText is not a choice here although GnomeCanvasWidget allows using that one in theory. I played with it for some time but felt that it is suboptimal; for example, I found no way to get rid of the shadows drawn by the widget without some lowlevel gdk functions there. A dedicated CanvasItem is mandatory here.

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