Re: gnome-libs man pages.

Ian McKellar wrote:
> FrameMaker+SGML
> I really want a Free Software solution to this problem too - probably
> based around XML and XSL. I don't have time to write it right now, but
> it would be /really/ cool. Perhaps some of Ankh's GLayout stuff can be
> used here.

I'm hoping to go in that direction with gLayout.  Right now, though,
I don't have time to do much coding on it -- I'm hoping that someone
I'm talking with next week will be interested in helping fund glayout
at least partially.

I'm also happy to help others with design in this area, for what
that's worth, since I've been involved with SGML and XML editing and
display technology since 1987 or so, and typesetting far longer :-)

Lee / Ankh

Liam Quin - Barefoot in Toronto - -
Ankh on
Co-author, The XML Specification Guide, Wiley, 1999
Author: The Open Source XML Database Toolkit, Wiley, 2000 (being printed)

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