MemProf 0.4.0 released

What is MemProf?

 MemProf is a tool for profiling memory usage and finding
 memory leaks. Its two major features are:

  - It can generate a profile of which functions in your
    program have allocated memory, and how much was allocated
    by each function and by the functions it calls.

  - It can scan memory and find memory blocks that you've
    allocated but are no longer referenced anywhere.

 MemProf works by pre-loading a library to override the
 C library's memory allocation functions and does not
 require you to recompile your program. 

 One advantage MemProf has over some other similar
 tools that are available is that it has a nice GUI
 frontend and is relatively easy to use.

What's new in 0.4.0?

 The backend in 0.4.0 has been almost totally rewritten
 to support profiling threaded programs and to follow
 the children of programs that fork.

 The front end has also been improved in a number of
 ways, translations have been added for 12 languages,
 and numerous bugs have been fixed, by myself and others.

 Numerous bugs have most likely also been added, so please
 try it out, find them, and let me know.


 MemProf is available from

Owen Taylor

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