How may I change the font of a label in a toolbar?


I'm working on a gtk/gnome-based text editor, and I want to add support
for editing tex files.

One idea is to have a toolbar with the greeks letters and other
mathemathical symbols (like for example in WinEdt).

At this time I'm doing this using pixmaps, but
perhaps it would be better to use the "symbol" font. My problem is :
how may I change the font of a single label in the toolbar ?

Here is what I'm doing: (following the calendar example that comes with

First I load the font with

symbol_font = gdk_font_load (font_name);

I crete a new gtk style with

symbol_style= gtk_style_new();
symbol_style -> font = symbol_font;

I'm creating the item with

item = gtk_toolbar_append_element ( ... )

and after that I do


But I see all the items in the same (default) style.

Why this doesn't work ? Can you help me?

Is gtk_style well-documented somewhere?

Thank you
				Pablo De Napoli

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