GtkHTML 0.5

	The GtkHTML Team is proud to announce gtkhtml-0.5 code named
"peace love and unity". This is the most recent unstable
release of GtkHTML.

For version 0.5 we've brought you many exciting new 
features including:

        o magic links - automagically creates links while typing

        o keybindings - we now have emacs and ms like + custom keybindings

        o HTML Editor control center applet

        o gnome bindings widget - used in capplet

        o text color handling

        o improved link insertion

        o ms like shift-movement selection

        o new properties dialog

        o text color/style/align settings

        o page colors/bg pixmap settings

        o more editor commands (lower/upper case/capitalize word,
                                increase/decrease font size)

We've also fixed many many irritating bugs and added a few much less
irritating new ones.  

The GtkHTML team would also like to thank everyone that has helped make
this release possible. The KDE project in particular whose members
wrote KHTMLW upon which the GtkHTML code is based (see AUTHORS).

gtkhtml-0.5 is available from:

This release of GtkHTML is binary and source incompatible with
the previous public release of GtkHTML so we increased the library
version number for your linking pleasure.  We have also added a
conditional dependancy on GConf for the editor configuration
dialog. Please see the README file for details.

        The GtkHTML Team

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