XALF and gnome-libs

Somehow I forgot to tell you about it, but I dir some enhancements to
the "app-start-feeedback-tool" Xalf some weeks ago. Xalf 0.4 includes a
GNOME Control Center capplet which makes it quite easy to control the
behaviour. Screenshots can be found at the project page,

Feedback is (optionally) given whenever the user start something from the
Gnome menu or the desktop. It is also possible to disable this feedback
for some applications / desktop entries. 

All this requires a small patch to gnome-libs. I'm providing patched RPMs
of gnome-libs, but it's tedious to make new ones all the time :-)
Obviously, it would be good if the patch could be included in gnome-libs.
Can this be done? The patch is at

Users without / not interested in Xalf will not notice any changes. Lots
of users have been using this patch for some time now, and no problems has
been reported, so I consider it fairly stable. 

(Side note: The current Linux Magazine,
http://www.linux24.com/linux/linuxmag/, has an article about Xalf. Only
japanese, unfortunately.)

/Peter Astrand <altic@lysator.liu.se>

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