GConf heads up


I'm doing some minor GConf maintenance in CVS, and will likely make a
tarball soon (remind me if I'm supposed to be changing something in

Apps syncing to CVS will need to run this perl script on all files:

 #!/usr/bin/perl -pi.bak



The _new() functions here didn't actually return a new object most of
the time; if you call gconf_engine_new() twice for example, you'll get
the same object both times, unless you unref it to 0 in between.  So
as you can see, the new names are much better given this behavior.

Also, GConfClient now ref/sinks itself on creation, so that it in
effect has no "floating" flag. This is because it will become a
GObject later (I suppose, though I have my misgivings about breaking
all gtk_signal_connect() on it). In any case, almost certainly this is
the sane thing anyway, because there is no natural owner to pass the
floating reference to, and most people should have been doing a
ref/sink themselves already.

The other thing I'll probably do in the near future is make GConf
install into versioned filenames and directory names, as we're doing
with gnome-libs HEAD and GTK 2.0, so you can install multiple versions
at once.


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