Re: Can't click in dialog within preference dialog.

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 10:17:50AM +0100, John Harper wrote:
> Paul Warren writes:
> |> If I run the test code, only one dialog becomes insensitive, and
> |> that's because the second dialog is modal.
> |
> |That's what I'd expect.  On my system, both become insensitve.
> |
> |I've just sussed it - it's a sawfish thing.  I just switched to another
> |WM and it works fine.  I'll go and investigate that then...
> It works fine for me, with latest sawfish version..
> I do vaguely remember seeing something similar a while back (switching
> workspace and then back again would clear the problem). But it went
> away on its own, so I assumed it was fixed

The problem was specific to my setup: Focus mode set to enter-only, and
with Button1-Click1 bound to "Raise or pass through click".  Changing
this to "Raise window and pass through click" fixes it.  Presumably, for
some reason when there are two such transients, sawfish keeps trying to
raise the windows, and never gets as far as passing the click through.



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