gnome font selection changes

I plan to do incompatible changes to font selection widget in gnome-print:

Instead of

  GnomeDisplayFont * gnome_font_selection_get_font (fontsel)

there will be

  GnomeFont * gnome_font_selection_get_font (fontsel)

This will be compatible with new font semantics. Instead of using
GdkFont/fontset explicitly from GnomeDisplayFont, we will use either
GnomeFont (high-level interface) or GnomeRFont (low-level interface) as
universal font handlers for every possible rendering target.
If GdkFont for given Gnome(R)Font happens to be available, Gnome(R)Font
will itself take care of using that. If not, it renders glyphs usign
pixmaps/bitmap pairs.

I have strong feeling that several programs will be broken badly by
such change (more programs and more badly than by previous privatizing
change). If developers are not eager to jump into unknown water just now,
I can well retain the old selection and use different object


for new selection.
How are people feeling about that?


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