Re: How do I convert a C++ from gtk to gnome???

Manuel Clos <> writes:
> This is a call for advice. I'm helping to develop a CD Writing program,
> recently we moved
> to the new gtkmm (because the program is written in C++), at the
> same

Note that you can use plain C interfaces if you want; you can even mix
them with usage of the C++ bindings most of the time. For example if
you want MDI as you mention, you could just use the C interface for

> time we began to
> use gnome, because of GUI standards, gnome-config, and so on... The
> problem is now with
> gnome--, it is not complete (MDI is missing), and we are waiting for it
> to be ready, but
> after waiting for some weeks after sending messages to the gtkmm-main
> list I got no response.
> Anyway, there is a long time since October Gnome, and more since 1.0.
> and nowadays we are
> still lacking some features.
> I have heard about Inti, but don't know much. What are the release
> expectatives (gnome 2.0??)?

Inti should appear in stable form around the same time as the next GTK+.
I'm not currently planning to provide GNOME support though, since
gnome-libs 2.0 is up in the air and I want to keep things simple for
the first release.

> In the other hand, perhaps some gnome hackers can help/contribute to
> gnome-- so we can
> fully use it.

I think Karl is just overworked, and could use contributions. Since
you need the MDI, maybe you could do that as part of writing your app?


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