Re: widget not properly getting focus

 I am not sure. I have used zvt widget in my own project and discovered 
it has many focus problems. I thought it was me not knowing how to code 
(which is true anyway). But then, I saw how gnome-terminal doesn't get 
focus correctly. Just test it by trying to use any of the keybindings (I 
am talking about the menu ones). As far as I know, it is the only widget 
that has this property of screwing keybindings. You simply cannot use 
menu keybindings with zvt widget.

 This leads me to believe that it has serious design flaws. Anyway, I 
hope this will help you work around those.

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On 7/24/00, 9:22:24 AM, Ray Strode <> wrote regarding 
widget not properly getting focus:

> I'm working on a terminal applet called mini-terminal.
> I started on it a while ago, but so many bugs popped
> up that i took a break and started over from scratch.
> Now it is working well, other than a small problem
> with the focus.  If another program gets the focus and
> then the ZvtTerm in my program gets clicked, it won't
> give my applet the focus.  However, if any of the
> switch buttons on the bottom of the applet get clicked,
> it does get the focus.  Does anybody know why it
> might be doing this?

> The source is available at:
>     (although this site probably won't be too reliable)

> On a side note, does anybody know how to give applet
> menus to a widget that is not parented in the applet? My
> applet has a mode called extended mode where a
> decoration-less window is placed over the applet, so that
> the console can be taller than the panel.  I'd like to give
> this window the stock popup menus.  I've tried
> applet_widget_bind_events, but for some reason it requires
> that both parameters passed to it be applet-widgets.

> Thanks for any help

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