Re: Ann: GtkCanvas 0.1

>From my own point of view, it'd be nice because it would provide
access to the Canvas without requiring *all* of Gnome.  When I'm
developing on Linux this is no big advantage, but when I'm working
on IRIX it matters alot.

I'm sure the GNOME situation on IRIX has improved alot since
last fall, when I couldn't get ORBit to build.  F'rinstance,
the SGI freeware site now includes GNOME distributions.  But there's
no denying that GNOME is alot heavier than Gtk+.

Oh, and the Canvas is cool :)

Mitch Chapman

John Kodis wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 01:26:02AM -0700, Andy Tai wrote:
> > This is to announce GtkCanvas 0.1, a backport of the GnomeCanvas
> > widget to gtk+.
> One thing that your announcement doesn't make clear, and which I'm
> curious about, is what motivated this.  You say that this is intended
> to "behaves identically to the GnomeCanvas widget, with the same APIs,
> except the API names are changed from gnome_canvas to gtk_canvas".
> However, you never explain why this would be desirable.  Surely
> there's more to this than 's/gnome_/gtk_/g', but you don't say what
> more this port offers.
> Care to explain?
> -- John Kodis.
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