time for sodipodi

Hello fellows

If there happens to be anybody among you with more free time, he/she can
rationally use, I would be glad, if he/she could help me with sodipodi. I
have been busy with gnome-print, gnome-font and my fresh new baby recently
so sodipodi is seriously lagging behind. But it was almost usable for
everyday work, so with quite little directed effort we could make it
really nice addition to gnome-office.

There are very many excellent and interesting features in my mind, some of
whose are partially implemented:

SPKnot architecture for control points, allowing near universal snapping
  to grid, objects, guidelines, etc.
SPNamedView objects, implementing document views, that are included in
  saved file - containing different grids, guidelines, etc.
SPGuides - guidelines, grid, snapping to objects
XML editor, allowing modifying arbitrary elements, even those not
  rendering themselves to visible objects
GIMP style toolbox
Major UI cleanup
Port to new libart rendering framework
Port to new gnome-font framework
Fast rendering modes - wireframe and Gdk
Better standard compliance
Bonobo container implementation

Main page:
gnome CVS, module sodipodi


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