Re: GnomeMDI && gtk_tree

"Florent. Devin" wrote:

> Jaka Mocnik a écrit :
> > > right side I put a gtk_tree. My gtk_tree work fine till in tears off my
> > > MDI page. Soon I tears off a MDI page, the tree in it, become strange :
> > >  - No mark to expand or collapse the tree and all tree item.
> > >  - When I want to add an item, ....... Crash.
> > a gdb backtrace and possibly would help a lot. but I don't think it is
> > MDI's fault.
> Sure it will help but I can't find how can I catch the error.
gdb your-app
your app segfaults

send the output

> I think that there is a problem in the tearing off method.
> Because it apears that there is a copy of the widget as they look like,
> but
> not as they really are.
there is _no_ copying. your existing widget is simply reparented.




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