I've been trying to figure it out by myself for a few days, but now it's
your turn...

I am writing an applet that accepts drag-and-drop from Netscape or another
browser and will ask the user for a name that the dropped link will be

For that, I use gnome_request_dialog. According to the API documentation
for GnomeDialog, it's possible to connect to the "close" signal and block
closing the dialog if the user entered invalid input. And that's exactly
what I want.

It all seems to work, apart from one thing: when I enter an invalid name
(containing spaces, for example), the dialog is kept alive, as it should
be, but when I rerun gnome_dialog_run, the program crashes. At some
occasions, a Gtk-assertion fails (from GtkEntry).

I have attached a sample program to show what I wrote. The error occurs
when I first type a name with spaces, hit enter, and then hit enter again
(with the same, or another input).

Who can help me? Shouldn't gnome_dialog_run only return when the "close"
callback returned FALSE?

Thanks in advance!



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