GtkHTML 0.4

   The GtkHTML Team is proud to announce the release of gtkhtml-0.4
code named "sleepy Texan". This is the latest unstable release of
Version 0.4 of the the GtkHTML library contains numerous bug fixes
and some amazing new features.  Features so amazing we can't even
remember them all, so here are a few highlights:

	- Export of text/plain and text/html using the recently
          revised bonobo PersistStream interface.

	- Revised api for easier language bindings.

	- Initial support for the iframe tag.

	- Support for rendering the inner contents of the object
          element upon the return of the object_requested signal.

	- Many editor related bug fixes

	- Much faster rendering of body background images.

gtkhtml-0.4 is available from:

This release of GtkHTML is binary and source incompatible with
the previous public release of GtkHTML so we increased the library
version number for your linking pleasure.  Please see README file for
more information.

	The GtkHTML Team

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