Announce MuLi (Multipliciter Lingua)

I'm proud to announce the first public release of MuLi.

What is MuLi
MuLi is a program based on Gnome, that helps you to
internationalize an localize programs.

Some of the features in this release
- A Main window, where the message for translation and
  the translation is displayed
- A Codeview window, where the sourcecode is displayed at
  the position, where the message is extracted
- A Database window. You can connect existing .mo and .gmo
  files to the database window. So if for the message to
  translate a translation is found in the files, the
  result is displayed here. Then it can be transfered to
  Main window by click
- User configurable shortcuts for all functions
- autocreation of extra files like
- creation of new projects, where the scope, how far MuLi
  searches for messages can be specified

take a look at some screen shots at:

you can load down the sources from:

to compile MuLi you nead the gtkextext widget found at:

if someone with experience in autoconf/automake take a look
at this files, i will be happy, cauz that's not my

please send bus, suggestions, patches and chocolate to


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