Special Effects


 I have always been interested in special effects. And as a 
mathematician, I can think of some nifty one.

 Now, of course, as a no-programmer, my na´ve approach would be to 
show a background animation. In other words, take the background image 
and apply some special effects to it, or maybe add a border-less and 
transparent window to the root window.

 To do this however I need help. I would like to know how can I tell 
the window manager (gnome compliant) to never put anything below such 
a window except the background image.

 My other na´ve question would be: does the background setting program 
support animated pictures?


 Any help would be appreciated. And for the curious, yes I am 
interested in E like effects, but more dramatic and less cpu consuming 
(think mathematician)

 H. Aurag

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