Re: Special Effects

> Hi Hassan,
> The current Gnome/WM interaction spec is out of date and due for replacement - 
> check out for the working version of the new spec. 
> Discussion of the spec goes on on the mailing list.
> >  Now, of course, as a no-programmer, my na´ve approach would be to 
> > show a background animation. In other words, take the background image 
> > and apply some special effects to it, or maybe add a border-less and 
> > transparent window to the root window.
> I think using a borderless window (virtual root window) is going to be the 
> best approach - some window managers use virtual desktops which cover the root 

 Good news, but does this mean problems one has with enlightenment today will disappear as things like gmc or its other file managers would know about virtual root windows? 

 In other words, will gnome work finally better when using enlightenment which makes extensive use of virtual root windows and such?

> window entirely, so drawing directly to the root window will not necessarily 
> produce visible results. In X you cannot draw to a transparent window, 
> however, so you will probably have to copy the root window's background onto 
> the background of your window or something. But then if another app draws on 
> the root window, its changes will not be visible. It could get messy.
> >  To do this however I need help. I would like to know how can I tell 
> > the window manager (gnome compliant) to never put anything below such 
> > a window except the background image.
> In the draft spec there is a DESKTOP window category which indicates that the 
> WM should treat the window as a desktop feature (this probably implies 
> stacking it below other windows, but the WM may do what it likes. If several 
> overlapping windows set the DESKTOP hint, the result is even less well 
> defined, so you probably need to find out which window is the virtual root and 
> draw on that, rather than creating your own window). I think there is a hint 
> for listing virtual roots, but I'm not sure how you tell which one is 
> currently "active". Traverse the list and find the visible one, I suppose. 
> There was also some discussion on the list about whether other apps should be 
> allowed to draw on the virtual root window - I think the consensus was that 
> they should, but the spec hasn't been changed to reflect this.
> >  My other na´ve question would be: does the background setting program 
> > support animated pictures?
> I don't think so.
> By the way if you find the time to get this working, I have a related idea 
> which I've been sitting on for a while - a terminal widget which draws its 
> text in an overlay, allowing it to draw other stuff on the main window without 
> disrupting the text. This means it can allow other apps (like xscreensaver 
> hacks) to draw on the main window, behind the text, so you can have bouboules 
> flying around or even watch MPEG videos on the background of your terminal 
> while you type.  :)
> Michael

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